Monday, June 23, 2008

Petero Byakatonda Miracle Surgery

Petero Byakatonda was born with a rare genetic disorder that affected the development of his brain. Because his skull fused together, his brain kept growing in the direction of least resistance, which is up, and caused his head to take on a cone shape. It is sad to see someone look like this.

Petero Byakatonda was taken to Dallas to be given a surgery to help rebuild his skull to give his brain room to grow and save his live. After the surgery, Petero Byakatonda looked a lot better and was no longer in danger of losing his eyesight or life. It is great to see someone start a new life after they have been living their life looking and feeling different.

The disease that Petero Byakatonda has is Crouzon's Disease, which is an extremely rare genetic disease. During his dangerous surgery, he was practically given a new head. They had to rebuild his skull to save his life from dieing.

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